About 4 Corners

About 4 Corners Consulting

In today’s marine environment it is very difficult to source experienced and reliable project Managers, Marine Engineering Superintendents, Technical or Navigational experts. It was realized some time ago that there is a worldwide shortage of experienced people who have been on the Deck, in the Engine Room and in the dock bottom; these types of people are becoming more and more scarce . As an alternative to maintaining large shore side staff we provide services as needed ranging from consulting in general terms to assist to planning, executing, managing and follow up of large scale projects, routine dockings, vessel surveys and routine operational requirements.

Additionally we can provide Simplex Seal Service in Association with Simplex Americas and supply of Environmentally Friendly Lubricants, Greases and Hydraulic Fluids.

Our People

John Trainor - 4 Corners Consulting President and Owner

John Trainor Biography

Graduate of the Canadian Coast Guard College in Marine Engineering 1985, worked as Fleet Engineering Officer on board Coast Guard vessels until 1996. The type of vessels worked on include Heavy Ice Breakers, Buoy Tenders and Sear and Rescue Vessels, the operational areas include East Coast of Canada, Canadian High Arctic and St Lawrence river Areas.

Tanker A & B certificates were obtained while working as second Engineer on product tankers carrying product from Quebec to ports on the East Coast as well as Chemical Tanker Certificates

Working as Chief Engineer since 1996 in the Off Shore Industry, experience has been gained working on AHST vessels, Dive Support and SubSea Construction vessels, these vessels have been DP I and DP II.

Owners rep on New builds brought a new appreciation to superintendents position which led to working as vessel superintendent / vessel manager for numerous offshore supply companies in Canada. These vessels worked in all geographic locations of the globe requiring around the clock support and assistance. This developed extensive experience in planning, executing refits dry dockings and emergency repairs to vessels operating worldwide.  Extensive experience with the tug and barge business brought about a strong knowledge of barge project planning, survey and repair estimates and managing of repairs, surveys and client issues.

Chief Engineer and Preventative Maintenance Manager on Semi Submersible Offshore Drilling units brought experience and understanding of  MODU operations and requirements. Normal Drilling operations, major refits and transits all affording experience in operational requirements of MODU’s working in severe northern climates and working in the US Gulf of Mexico.

Technical manager in a large seafood company brought experience with managing and operating large factory fishing vessels operating in various places around the globe. Additionally conversions of vessels from one design to another field of fishing brought experience with large conversion and extension of vessels during conversions. Knowledge of operational and industry specific issues of the fishing industry were gained through working in the normal day to day planning as well as vessel turn around.

Chief Engineer on  DP II subsea construction vessels afforded exposure to the subsea construction business, DP Operations and support requirements for subsea and top side construction spreads.

Technical / Operations Manager of a fleet of subsea construction vessels based in the Middle East and far East and being based in the Middle East created exposure to operations while being immersed in Middle East culture. Great experience was gained through conversions, refits, and operations of vessels working abroad, the immersion in Middle Eastern Culture and operations gained an appreciation as to how business gets done and what works and what does not in Middle Eastern operations. Additionally integrating a fleet of vessels and crews into the new large parent company afforded challenges to overcome to make for smooth operations with large and demanding clients.

Project management experience starting from gaining a Masters Certificate in Project Management  in 1999, since then extensive experience gained in planning, executing managing and closing of dry dockings, conversions, large product delivery programs. Emphasis on, on time on schedule management with no surprises.

Significant experience in On hire, Fuel, Insurance and condition surveys has been gained from operations requiring surveys carried out on vessels working in  the Canadian high Arctic to the Far East.

Geographic areas of experience:

  • Canadian East Coast
  • North Sea
  • Middle East
  • Far East / South East Asia
  • Mexico
  • US Gulf of Mexico
  • Canadian Arctic

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