Remove 100t Crane, Replace with New 50t Knuckle Boom


Hole where old Crane was removed 1

Lifting New Column into Place 1

Transition piece and new column piece 1

Fitting new Piece to OEM Delivered Piece 1



Replacement of 100t hydraulic telescoping crane;

Scope of work, remove existing 100t crane, and replace with new 50t knuckle boom crane; modifications required;

  1. Fit of permanent ballast, placing permanent ballast of steel and concrete in unused dry bulk tanks
  2. Modification of electrical supply, fit new breakers to the port and stbd switch boards and feed new power to crane consumers
  3. Fit deck power supply in unused dry bulk tank, in tank fit power disconnects for all deck supplies, transits, disconnect and ventilation all installed to complete saturation spread power feed room
  4. Move 10 t crane to new location, fit new sub deck structure
  5. Install new 100t crane crutch and all associated structure
  6. Roll new connection tube to be attached to delivered crane mounting tube and fabricate a transition piece to attach to existing deck structure
  7. Modify sub deck structure to accept new crane structure
  8. Insitu machine the face of pedestal flange to accept the crane body with in manufacturers specifications
  9. Certify all work to class and test to class requirements
  10. Install crane and test to manufacturer and client requirements



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